What you’ll Learn

This track is designed to prepare 'green' IT/Computer Science students to understand the basics of coding, specifically using PHP and MVC framework. Candidates who completes this curriculum shall be short-listed for to join the One on One team as a developer

Learning Path

Object Oriented PHP and MVC

In this course, we will go step by step to build a complete custom MVC (Model View Controller) framework Called TraversyMVC using object-oriented PHP. We will build something similar to Codeigniter but much much lighter. This framework is a completely open source and you are free to change the name, add stuff, etc and use it as your own. This framework will include. A core library class to load controllers & methods from the URL (Also using .htaccess) A base controller class to load models and views A custom database library using PDO for all models to interact with the database using prepared statements. Not only will we create the framework but we will build an application on top of it called SharePosts which will be somewhat of a social network to share posts. This application will include: Full user authentication, Access control for posts, Server-side form validation Bootstrap 4 UI, Posts CRUD, Helper functions (flash messaging & redirects). We will also be deploying the application to the Internet

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PHP Basics Training

Learn the fundamentals of PHP programming by taking this in-depth tutorial designed to teach you how to write code with the widely-used open source scripting language. In the PHP Basics Training course, we’ll provide a detailed overview of what PHP is and take you step-by-step through how to program your own web applications with interactivity. Prepare to create scripts and variables, write conditional statements and loops, work with XML and the MySQL database management system, handle errors, and use PHP math functions. Appropriate for PHP beginners, this 5-hour course is broken down into concise, topic-specific instructional videos featuring visual demonstrations with insightful audio narration. A convenient drop-down menu allows you to select and view the videos at your own pace for a flexible, self-guided learning experience. Get started using PHP and develop your programming skills with this valuable course.

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HTML5 & CSS3 - Basics Training

Learning HTML5 and CSS3, the building blocks of web design, will free you from the limitations of preset templates and provide you with much more flexibility as a webmaster. This course teaches you the fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3 to give you the confidence and knowledge you need to efficiently and expertly structure and design any kind of webpage. This comprehensive 4-hour video features engaging audio narration and step-by-step instruction to help you master the basic syntax of both Hypertext Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets to create page layouts, build forms and more.

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Hands-On Web Application Development with Laravel

This course is for people want to get past all the boring clutter and start building their first web app in Laravel. It will take you through all the main Laravel features, including Blade, Laravel's powerful templating tool; Eloquent, Laravel's database abstraction layer; security features you can use to sanitize, filter, and validate user-provided data; the request object and its role in the application life cycle; and PHPUnit and Laravel Dusk, which you can use to test your PHP code. It will also teach you how to master file system access, sessions, cookies, caching, and much more! This course is designed to give you, as a PHP developer, the confidence to get ahead with Laravel and write an entire application securely from the start. High-level overviews and concrete examples form part of this course; you'll also master some higher-level features and make them all work together. All the code and supporting files for this course are available from Github at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Hands-On-Web-Application-Development-with-Laravel

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Learning Management System Plugins

This course will enable you to create your first Plugin!

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    1 year
  • School: One on One Educational Services